About Us

We aim to enhance engagement between the medical staff of our local facilities and regional health authorities, develop collaborative and engaged relationships with our health care partners, maintain the current culture of physician engagement and develop collaborative and engaged relationships with our health care partners. 

Funding for PESCCI is provided by the Specialist Services Committee. Specific areas for funding are sessional payments, event planning, project development and planning. Funding will be utilized in accordance with the needs of PESCCI (a collective agreement by all hospital members with privileges)

More information regarding Physician Engagement can be found at the SSC BC Website.

Executive Directors

Dr. Corey Tomlinson


Dr. Lindi Thibodeau


Dr. Neelam Sandhu


Dr. Grant Larsen

Past President

Advisory Board Members

Dr. Sarah Scott

Medical Director

Dr. Michael Atherstone


Dr. Tom Woods


Dr. Jeff Zorn


Dr. Lissa Benson

Head of Department of Family Practice

Dr. Sam Kohen

Internal Medicine

Dr. Laura Matemisz

Emergency Medicine

Dr. Glen Hoar


Dr. Byron Ramsey

Medical Imaging

Dr. Laura Bell

Family Medecine

Dr. Andres Conradi


Dr. Verena Langheimer







General Surgery






Laboratory Medicine

We are accepting self-nominations for the above 'OPEN' positions. Get in touch


Suzanne Blyt

General Manager

Rafal Grzyb

Engagement Partner (from Doctors of BC)

Board Member Elections

Executive Directors:

  • Nominated from the advisory board (you must be a member of the advisory board to be eligible for the role of executive director).
  • Voted in at the AGM (annual general meeting) - all medical staff are eligible to vote (in person or by proxy)
  • Each term is 3 years (next vote is Sept 2021)
  • Reflecting the medical advisory committee at St. Joseph’s Hospital: at the end of a 3 year term the treasurer becomes the vice president, and vice president becomes president and a new treasurer is voted in. 

Advisory Board Members:

  • Nominated from the medical staff (self nominations or by a colleague)
  • If more than 1 member from a department are nominated the position will be voted upon at the next AGM - all medical staff are eligible to vote (in person or by proxy)
  • Terms are 1 year with no maximum number of terms

Meeting Schedule

  • Executive directors meet monthly
  • Advisory Board meets the 2nd Monday of every 2nd month
  • Meetings are funded for food and sessional rates for attendees


  • We are funded by Doctors of BC Specialist Services Committee (DOBC SSC)
  • Our site is eligible to receive a total of $300, 000 in funding each year in 4x $75, 000 ‘gates’
  • We receive the next funding ‘gate’ when our bank balance drops below 75k
  • This is to ensure that no site ‘saves’ large sums of government monies in their coffers and that the funding is available in a fair and equitable manner to all hospitals throughout BC. 
  • Fiscal year runs April 1st-March 31st
  • Gated funding model requires a balanced accounting approach to ensure that the funds are used in an economical manner throughout the year. 

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