Project Requirements

1. Project Updates

  • You will be asked to submit a project update via our PESCCI website in December of each year 
  • Funding will be dependent on the completion of this update

2. Project Poster

  • Present a poster and a 5 minute verbal report of your project at the next Welcome to the New Year Event  in January of each year.  
  • Poster creation is simple and easy and can be completed usually in about 1 hour
  • Most of the information completed in your project update form can be automatically incorporated into your poster
  • The verbal presentation is just an informal brief update to our members
  • Project funding is dependent on completion of your poster
  • If you cannot attend the new year event feel free to send an email with your verbal update that will be read by a member of the board in lieu of your verbal update/report

3. Assess the Impact on your Project

  • Impact assessments are absolutely crucial to our projects to assess the effect they have had in our hospital and to encourage further funding.
  • It can seem a difficult or confusing aspect of project creation to design especially given the nature of many quality improvement projects that are funded through PESCCI.
  • Please check our resources page to help you design the project impact assessment portion of your project.